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Because you need your team members devoting most of their time to complete project work, you don’t want to overallocate…

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Top Management doesn’t have the necessary time to analyze deeply the Project reports. Accordingly, there is a need for a fast…

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It’s a complete waste of time and money if your managers come back to work, say “it was a great…

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Insights from the PMI France Forum in Paris – PM Hybridisation Traditional and Agile

The PMI Forum Paris focused mainly on the International trends in PM:

  • Which is the best Project Management Method?
  • Hybridation between the Traditional Predictive Project Management and Agile
  • Design Thinking for PM
  • Well being and happiness inside the company for lasting performance

Some of the main speakers were: Jean-Luc Favrot-“Agilité et gestion de projet, les tendances a l’international”, Raoul Adam- “Hybridation-Combinez le meilleur du prédictif et de l’agile et développez la flexibilité de vos équipes”, Thierry Williéme- “Bien être et bonheur en entreprise” 

Which is the best Project Management Method?

We need to be prepared to the new changes in managing projects. Chosing the right PM Method depends on each project characteristics (Scope definition, budget, duration, team flexibility, industry…). 

In 2017 the main methodologies were updated (PMBoK 6th Edition, Prince 2, Scrum). Following the recent changes, including the adoption of Agile within the PMBoK Guide 6th Edition, highlights the importance in Agile in the current international projects. For example the PMI-ACP Certification is gaining more and more popularity. Even the European Union PM2 standard was released in early 2017.

Hybridation between the Traditional Predictive Project Management and Agile 

The increasing uncertainty in most of the projects using the Traditional Predictive PM made necessary to include a mix with the Agile Practices. This hybridation seems to be used in more and more projects worldwide according to PMI. The hybrid approach proposed by PMI tries to gather the best required methodologies adapted to each project. There is no universal solution, as each project has its own particularities. 

 Design Thinking for PM

 The Design Thinking approach helps prject teams realise their objectives whiledeveloping a new service/product.This way of working help the teams to be more organized and more creative. 


Well being and happiness inside the company for lasting performance


Managing projects requires a lot of human interaction. In these Digital Era, it seems to be more difficult to interact with our team, our superiors.


The great leaders understand that the workplace quality of life is very important for all, people and companies. In today’s envirnment, leadership means:

  • Integrity+
  • Agility
  • Humility
  • Multi-cultural
  • Networked

Passing from hardskills to softskills, we understand the need for  communication, teamwork, attitude, and leadership.  The basic emotions exchanged at work influence 90% the colleagues and 25% the clients. 

As each project requires a specific approach while choosing the Project Mangement Methodology, is best advised to know the wordlwide standards and apply them by need. Adapting a mix, a hybridation is a good option when the project team is well engaged, and is working in a good project environment. 

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Microsoft – “Accelerate your Business”

In the Digital Era, each company has to be prepared to the new changes in managing projects. Accessing information from anywhere in any moment is becoming more and more important in the project world.

Ecostar Plan’s consultants were invited as Microsoft Partners to be in touch with the latest innovations in terms of software development.


Office 365 can become a good alternative for managing projects that require Team integration
Office Planner can be the tool you need to share your work into a centralized network.

Read more about Microsoft’s Office Planner capabilities here:

Ecostar Plan became member of the “Microsoft Partner Network”

Through our continuous effort of development, Ecostar Plan, by its partnership with Microsoft® is now able to offer an extensive collection of tools and resources to help companies grow and save time and money.

Ecostar Plan is now available in the Microsoft Partner Center-Pinpoint, as a reliable partner for Microsoft® tools, including Microsoft Project training and related services.